Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i have much things to do in my recent week.. still with a lack of strength in getting know how best decision i could ever do.. so i refuse to put everything as part of massive matters.. good... hmmm... owh ok... the collage above has been made for nothing... nahh... sure for updating this blog perhaps... i own loads of self snapped pictures... but why only 8 number of pictures are included in this collage.. nothing.. but i feel glad to see those 8 pictures.. and all of 'em are never been publicly uploaded to any of my blog or even flickr.. ok.. here a little explain of them... perlu ke?? kadang-kadang manusia perlu persetankan kata-kata sekeliling bila beliau rasa boleh handle kebagusan diri sendiri... itu sahaja...

1- itu teddy dan baju tido love-love yang dicintai
2- when you got nothing to do with your own toilet.
3- that's a model look.. aku tahu sangat menjengkelkan.. haha..
4- i can't live without that blue gadget.
5- ini tiada penjelasan.
6- stop capturing my face.
7- aku takde halkum maka ternyata aku perempuan tulen.
8- serabut dan selekeh itu seni di bilik tidur


Siti Nur Aimi Shahbudin said...

haha..patot jadi model ni..pengganti kak chema..
num 8 itu sgt art..hehe!

a . i . n said...

haha.. model?? aku kdg2 cm bapok ami.. so x mampu.. nnt org confuse jantina aku... ceh... mekaseh psl no 8 tu.. huhu.. iva ske ok tmpt yg art slekeh tu...

amadd @ nizar said...