Saturday, May 7, 2011

satu pagi bulan Mei

When there is no droid link at the bottom line of this post, means you are having much time to do stupid thing here and there and there using this odd lappy which is you are actually NOT. I've supposed to create one long essay for some important purposes which are none of emotional matters instead. All are facts. You have to write this and this and this, then they're done. Easy kan! But seriously you can do nothing on the forcible works. Hence, I took for granted with this fool reason so that I might seem I-will-be-okay-after-few-minutes-later. What the heck!

All and all, it's a May. Ok May. Again, May. It shows how year really counts itself to reach its end point damn quickly. Esok lusa dah birthday aku August. Then you are getting older than today. Bla...Bla...Bla...(jgn sebut hal umur)...I hope that I have no reason to count every month patiently but still whenever you've been pushed to see the life fortune, it will be the time that you are really afraid of being so-serious-person.. Every single thing will be differently assumed in our eyes. We afraid of being serious. We worry on "how can I handle all these though?". We aren't prepared to feel the seriousness in life. We still hope folk could help us when we were wrong. Siapa kata life tidak berapa nak thrill. Umur kau je tak sampai lagi tahap untuk rasa thrill berkenaan.

You feel extremely complete while satisfying others. Indeed!

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