Sunday, November 30, 2008

setelah di tag oleh ober

Starting time:
kul 12 a.m

Current song:
Pombichoron -Korea song



3 org

Shoe size:
7 atau 8

164 (rasernya lah...aku tak pernah amik tau tinggi aku bp)

50kg (setan aku tgh gemok)

Where do you live:
Shah Alam

Have you ever been on a plane:
Pernah juga

Swam in the ocean:
Pernah gak tapi air laut tak besh..aku jadik gelap nnt..hahha..

Fallen asleep at school:
Favorite activity..aku mmg spoil..

Fell off your chair:

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
A'ha bile aku gedix merajuk ngn Syam..ngaaaa...

Saved e-mails:
Aku simpan mane yg perlu shja...

What is your room like:
I own no bed set coz i only use comforter.. kesian... i got one closet own made.. there have a lot of shawls... one beloved kapok... one useless kapok... kerusi mainan iva.. satu kompiter.. dan juga lampu tido yg sgt tinggi...

What’s right beside you:
A bowl of maggie.. handphone..

What is the last thing you ate:

Ever had...Chicken pox?:

Sore throat:
Lepas karoke... (sama jwpn ober...ngeeeeee..)

Broken nose:

Do you believe in love at first sight:
Not necessary

Like picnics:

Who was/were...The last person you danced with:
My niece Iva...

Last made you smile:
Can't remember.. I always smile..

You last yelled at:
Iva... sebab dia selalu sepahkan bilik aku..

Today did you...Talk to someone you like:
Ermmm... I talk to him everyday..

Kissed anyone:
I had

Get sick:

Talk to an ex:
I never had ex..

Miss someone:

Who do you really hate:
Angelina Jolie..(peliss aku benci dia)

Do you like your hand-writing:
Semestinya... I have a nice one.. trust me.. hahaha..

Are your toe nails painted:

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in:
Iva's crib.. but I know I couldn't..

Are you a friendly person:
Yes I am.. sangat...

Do you have any pets:

Do you sleep with the TV on:
Owh I'm not a TV addicted

What are you doing right now:
I'm playing game in my Facebook

Can you handle the truth:
Ermmm... sometimes... It depends..

Are you closer to your mother or father:
Mestilah emak saya

Do you eat healthy:
Yes, I just started

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex:
As above, I never had ex..

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to:
Sometimes I'd rather to be alone..

Are you loud or quiet most of the time:
Sangat loud... tapi kalau aku tak suke org tu, sorry beb, aku akan lebih quiet ;p

Are you confident:
Not really.. Aku seorang yg gelabah..

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Aku darjah enam
2. Dah pandai main2 dalam pelajaran
3. I was a very good in mengaji quran
4. I was a winner of coloring contest in some random magazine
5. I hated my classmate who named Kama. (but now he's quite close with me)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. I want to get married
2. Get shopping
3. Started in investment. (I'm a financial lover)
4. Bukak kedai buku
5. Tak nak keja.. hahaha..

5 of my bad habits:
1. Internet addicted
2. Sometimes I like to delay my work
3. Semua orang kena dengar cakap aku
4. Suka tinggal solat
5. I'm a stingy person

3 places I've lived/living:
1. Pahang
2. Brunei
3. Shah Alam

5 persons i wanna tag:
1. Ober Frederiksen
2. Alep
3. Dyana
4. Sherry
5. Mak saya.. haha..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

belajar lah

my mood is currently so into blogging... yes, i did create many kind of blogs that owned by me.. saje.. itu semua kepuasan sendiri.. aku tau padahal takde sape pun nak baca blog2 aku.. aahhh.. persetankan.. i never force anyone to be a very main reader for them anyway.. biar lah org nak kata aku membebel sorang2... actually i made my bajusemalam in a deep purpose as my private lesson in english ... i had learned it through the magazine named "Off The Edge".... the mag is quite good for everyone.. percayalah.. tak salah juga.. sekarang cam ondewei nak lagik satu bahasa which is mandarin.. yes, i am searching the best classes for it.. or even the cheapest one for learning bahasa cina.. i know i should improve it in a simple way but the result is still to be called so achievement... i study in finance field.. then i got my future point that i have to learn so many languages as i can.. orang kata tak salah nak jadik bagus kalau tolak segala malu yg ada.. betul ke?? hmmm... this is a very noon of Sunday... actually i just plan to give a moment view for my blog.. but this is accidently post when i got the idea to talk about how blogger addicted i am.... begini lah ain sejak akhir ini...

Friday, November 21, 2008

adieu this hair

i'm so sorry to myself coz i feel so rare to write up any sucks life of mine lately... i just created a new blogger in malay version... hope may have more pleasure by using bahasabijak since aku juga orang yg sayangkan bahasa melayu... hmmm... actually i just started my new semester with heading a very damn pad of daily classes... means with knowing that i should tend to stick to this new life routine ... ahhh belasah je... i should believe to myself... tuntut lah ilmu selagi mampu... so jadik ahh ain yang bijak... ok... ok... baek... baek... so back to my title post above, basically i'm pretty love my hair.. but sometimes i feel like i'm not cut out to have this hair... really?? so i just planned to cut my hair.. hope most manusia so glad for seeing me with the very new hair soon... (konon mcm jadik nak ptong lah)...hahaha... actually i want to have a short one.... some say it's gonna suit with my face... but my hisyam slightly said, "taknak ahh b, b lagik sesuai rmbut pjg".... yeah... so now i know myself got no dare to cut rambut ini... mengapa eh??? bcoz i feel sayang towards it.. actually my hair is long as it reaches my own ass.. eeuwwww!!!!! maybe when it's on wet, i assume myself wah so sexy wooo... hahaha.. prasan aku... yesterday when i got a short dating with hisyam, then he warned me,"jgn nk ptong rmbut ok"...... hahaha.. who are you for threatening me syg... aku kan mmg suka ikut kepala sendiri.. hanya kau yg tabah menghadapinya.. hahaha.. ok when i talk about to change my hair style, have you noticed that we are actually learn to be the new one... meanwhile we are completely never dare to be it.. actually this is refer to myself.. sometimes i feel so want to be like this or like this... but i know i couldn't... this is not about dare anymore... this is about how i listen to my want being... so when i thought about my hair, i know i have a little listen to myself... sebab bila sekeliling ckp jgn ahh potong, aku jadik cam takde kepastian... ngaaaaaa..... perlu ke??? hahaha... ok lah, i conclude myself as a dare person to say goodbye to this hair... percayalah sebab aku memang akan potong... ok... try to wait and see it... ngeeeeee......
.................tak kesal.................