Thursday, February 25, 2010


so called silence!

"i mean without a list of an ideas, i'd rather to die"
"i speak to them with a piece of confidence"
"knowing the last part won't take you in part of perfection at all"
"start with an A, then it could be a Z at your very ending"
"face is a physical view of people"

oh i might have a reason for all crappy quotes above... by laying myself on the sofa, the matter that might be considered in serious world is apparently come clean... try to sort out some truth as rely on own deeds.. how good and worst you are really at.. person often point the lost to you, but you are actually doing the same thing on them... so, could you please clear me some with all these... the endless of conclusion... i am a good traveler in dreaming... i dream a special money... that's it!

Utama: Banyak hari tidak dengar suara emak.
Sampingan: Banyak hari tidak keluar dan bersosial.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


DSC_0971everything that you have today might not be so stay or included in 'your fine life' forever.. neither you are good in handling them nor you are often in luckiness person, the up and down are everywhere.. things that usually undesirable may come and go without giving a hint.. or maybe it becomes so linger unreasonably... yeah, the meaningless of accomplishment in your life... the giggle i made is a witness of your drown someday... who knew.. i smile with all that pal.. ok... hmmm... why the picture beside has been grabbed?... nothing... but this hair is kind of inspiration for me to be so girly... showing the person that i used to be who was living without a 'burn' routine also with an appropriate life line indeed... hmm.. if the possible is always there, why the useless things are in my choosing?... too busy to seek the wins... saya dah kehabisan sekatan masa untuk setiap perkara...


Rules: Biasa
Actions: Biasa
Implications: Luar Biasa