Tuesday, June 15, 2010


sometimes i would rather to give a stupidly negative description of myself instead of being fucking-sincere-but-at-the-end-of-the-day-people-would-give-me-a-stupid-suspicious...

-don't trust me. i'm a good liar indeed.
-yes, i'm gay and please hate me.
-i'm a fierce person, and i ain't sort of nice at all.
-don't lay a trust on me. again, i am a liar ok.

do you have any problem with all these??

sometimes i would rather to give a very short answers for every questions given from others who are always being sick of me when they started to feel i-need-a-truth-for-every-single-thing-that-seems-so-lying... here are certain answers that come from me..

-fuck off. whatever.
-might be i lied, oh sorry.
-oh ok.

i have a habit to talk too much... saying that whenever i started to talk too little, i conclude that, "hey people, you are already in trouble"...

orang kata John Mayer gay.. aku tak pernah kisah... dia main gitar sangat melekakan aku... i always love to read his life journal thru online as well... mungkin lah aku bagai gay juga... tahu tak ada sesetengah manusia dilahirkan dengan air muka yang sangat menyejukkan mata... and he's one of it... oh ok, my last word is give up!!

............that's it...........