Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sisa hidup

why nowadays people love to not to hold their own things?.. i mean, they release them just like shit.. ok again, shit!.. yes i have my own shit to release as well.. thing that suppose not to be affected is already in affect.. pernah tak kau tahu apa rasa bengang tu sebenarnya? ia rasa bagai mahu pembakaran sampai lima jam... boleh? hmmm... letting every single thing to be leaned to me is so fuck.. ok again, fuck!

have you ever try to feel please in life? yes, i mean try... word that may tend to a feeling of pushing... don't be a pusher because i'm one of person to be pushed... to be exact, the only one... long sigh... aku pernah hidup dengan pura-pura kerana banyak telinga yang perlu aku jaga... mereka kata telinga mereka perlu dihormati berbanding telinga aku... whatever type of ears you are currently have, i have my own life way... boleh hormat seketika tak? boleh kan?...

i'm a fear of hurting.. how come if breaking the 'law' might let you simply feel so heaven? it can't ever be because people are none of ordinary people... they are pathetic in handling their own priorities... because they know, i will always feel please to have this damn patience from beginning... because they know, their future is a priority and mine is slightly will not exist... oh ok, kepala hotak kau!

................tekanan perasaan..............

Mencuba: Kesabaran untuk mereka yang terlibat.
Membenci: Mereka dan mereka yang terlibat.
Mengharap: Belas kasihan dari mereka yang terlibat.

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