Saturday, February 26, 2011

apa itu sabar

I'm glad to see my surrounding friends that bring such a cute tummy along wherever they go with their own spouse. Seriously, my enviousness towards them is freaking increase. I have no idea to have fear on age matter. Sometimes God creates the fate to every person with different reasons. We ought to follow the track that we are currently at. I don't belong any place since I don't reach any part that seems like oh-indeed-I-am-in-own-life-track. I just hope someday I could be able to have own family with no regret. Smile in my every morning hour. Happy in my every night hour. Breeding children with good way. Spending life with person that so called hubby. You know that the best part to think is all about future. I don't bet so much but enough to say I-want-to-get-married-and-start-serious-working. Glad to have dream either. This could make sense that brain is pretty well functioned. Great! I've spent my young life with many things that sometimes let me feel couldn't bear to rewind back the fraction of it. Life without stupid thing is ain't great juga kadangkala. Percaya pada takdir. Semua di tangan Tuhan. Wait until it comes at your very life door. Till then you know how the happiness is really yours. Sabar!

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