Monday, August 22, 2011

as long as

one of my ex-classmate messaged me out of sudden and asked "ain, please help me, how to find this and this and this.. i don't know how to get the information for this subject lah"...she's my very ex-classmate. saying that i just left my all classes due to the 'internship' matter. but still she put her trust in me about her study. i feel glad of having this kind of sincere friend whereas being honest in letting me as a person to refer to whenever she's lack of understanding in every subject. she used to asked me a lot while i was in classes. i love to teach. i love to make people understand in the simplest way as what i did. hence, when i received her text just now, yes i miss all of my study moments. being hell stress in doing assignments. merasa kepuasan menjawab peperiksaan tanpa tidur yang cukup. kadangkala aku memang tak tidur satu hari untuk peperiksaan. heh!

but still there are four papers to go for 'safety' thingy instead. i have unprofessional skills regarding to those hell 'safety' thingy. all of my supports are really with encikOsman. he's the only one who encouraged me about all these. tapi siapa lah saya untuk encikOsman ada perasaan mahu ambil tahu. saya tidak kisah. memang jenis perangai saya kuat semangat dan hati jantan. saya memang degil. semakin orang tidak percayakan saya, semakin saya bertindak agresif. saya percaya saya mampu buktikan tahap kemampuan saya.

andai kata kisah Sophia itu menjadi kenyataan, besertakan 'safety' thingy yang akan diambil mendapat kelulusan, saya akan menjadi isteri secepat mungkin. betul!

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